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Mike Eble


Michael Eble is the Owner and President of FCI. Mike has over 30 years of experience in the contract furniture industry. Beginning as a salesperson with Haworth, he achieved success quickly with his very first project of 400,000 sq ft for Building Services Employees International Union. Due to his fast growth, success, and determination while at Haworth he went on to open his first company, Corporate Environments Inc. In 2001 FCI Furniture Consultants was acquired and after a few years of remaining with Haworth, Mike established a deal with Teknion becoming the exclusive distributer in NYC and ultimately becoming the largest Teknion dealer in the U.S. During FCI’s tenure as an exclusive distributer, FCI was recognized by Teknion for their platinum sales awards ten years in a row. FCI still remains a leading dealership after 40 years.

Mike continues to move FCI forward, now operating five key locations around the country. He has forged a path to success, growth, and collaboration for the professionals working at FCI. He is known as an industry leader, developing relationships with the best brands in the marketplace. FCI now has over 200 manufacturer and vendor partners. FCI continues to grow at a rapid pace, creating inspiring and efficient work environments for some of the most world-renowned companies and brands.

Mike oversees FCI and is actively involved on a daily basis. Outside of FCI he enjoys spending time with his family.


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