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Technical Designer

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Type of Job

Full Time

About the job

Your Role

You will produce technical documentation and communicate project progress to team members to ensure success. You’re a fit for this role if you have experience in construction documentation, are proficient in Revit and CAD, and enjoy working with a team that bring design dreams to life. This is a good role for someone who is technically proficient and enjoys working with a highly creative, collaborative team dedicated to innovative problem solving and design excellence.

What You Will Do

- Provide project team coordination for finished plans, specification, and material selections; ensure design intent is incorporated into the construction documentation
- Produce accurate technical and contract documentation for construction of project
- Participate in construction administration, evaluate bids, conduct site visits, address technical issues, and maintain quality control during construction
- Work with consultants, contractors, fabricators, specification writers, and regulatory agencies to meet overall project objectives
- Utilize hand and 3D software renderings to communicate design concepts

Your Qualifications

- Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Interior Design
- Architectural Interiors
- 5+ years of professional experience
- Knowledge of building codes, zoning, jurisdictional processes, building materials, specifications, and construction techniques
- Proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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