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Designer Director

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About the job

We are looking for a Design Director to play a key role in development of furniture and interior space solutions for our clients. You will be using elements of furniture knowledge and selection, illustration/renderings, presentations, typography, and photography. We are looking for someone with an extremely creative mind that can absorb visual trends and deploy them in fresh and exciting ways.

Communication is an important part of the job, as you will work with both management and clients to formulate solutions that meet specific objectives. The professional opinion of a designer is highly sought after during the construction of proposals.


- Establish artistic strategy, budgets and schedules for key project design
- Mentor and supervise design team while effecting and introducing new and innovative strategies of artistic execution
- Motivate and influence design team to always attain for excellence in performance
- Develop and design ideas and execute design material as needed
- Initiate and develop overall interactive team design vision by applying group direction and goals
- Assign design leads and develop accounts and project team
- Select specific business section and supply tactical and strategic direction
- Direct and encourage group of designers
- Head and direct team providing key ideas, methods and brand positioning
- Initiate design ideas to all internal and external audiences
- Contribute strategically to complete design business component
- Provide influencing concepts to boost department productivity
- Manage design processes to make sure timely delivery projects
- Head and manage work intake and overall design project assignment process
- Direct, manage, and lead dedicated designers group across multiple disciplines and categories

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

- Design director should have the ability to build unique design solutions which will surprise and delight clients
- He/she should be able to manage and lead other creative staffs
- Possess the skills to clearly articulate concepts to clients, account and other creative team members
- He/she should be a design wiz
- Possess the ability to meet overlapping deadlines in a fast-paced working environment without substituting quality or accuracy
- Possess the skills to perceive how his/her role will fit into the strategic objectives of the client and agency, and communicate well at all times with colleagues
- Must be enthusiastic about designing and presenting superb presentations
- Must be passionate about design, color concepts, typography, hierarchy and flow
- Must have the ability to resolve complex communication issues
- Must display professionalism and be able to relate well with all levels of agency
- Proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Bachelors/Masters degree in Interior Design
Industry certifications preferred

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